Whiskey Decanters


Whiskey Decanters

For those who are serious about their spirits, nothing says sophistication quite like a whiskey decanter. A whisky decanter truly is a gentleman’s (or –woman’s) salute to a civilized time when men drank like men, wore hats, shaved with a straight razor and smoked from a pipe. It’s admirably adding a classical gentlemen’s (or –woman’s) touch. Furthermore, it is expressing ones individuality and appreciation to the value of the whiskey. All our decanters make a perfect gift to friends, family and on the right occasion even business partners.

What's the difference between whiskey & whisky?

The difference between whiskey and whisky is simple and to some people more, to some people less important: the Irish spell it whiskey the Scottish whisky, without the “e”. Also, whisky usually denotes to Scotch whisky and Scotch-inspired liquors, and whiskey denotes to the Irish and American whiskeys & liquors.

Why should you use a whiskey decanter?

Decanters were mainly invented for red wine. In order to release the hidden aromas the wine gets poured from the bottle in to the decanter to let it breathe and unfold its full taste. Read more about wine decanters.

Whiskey decanters have no known functional use or benefit to the taste or aroma of the whiskey.

However, displaying your whiskey in a decanter enables one not only to appreciate it better but also emphasizes the context of the celebration, the timing of offer as well as the value of the friendship rather than the brand of the whiskey. In addition, storing your whiskey in the right decanter won’t cause more harm to the whiskey than if you left it in the bottle.

Glass or crystal decanter?

Well-manufactured crystal glass decanters are usually more expensive then their counterparts. Some say that “the best whiskey decanters” are made of crystal, we think it is a question of taste and preference. The crystal whiskey decanters appear clearer and shinier than glass whiskey decanters. But some also prefer glass decanters, exactly because they are not as shiny as crystal decanters. Furthermore, crystal decanters (usually) can’t go into dishwashers whereas glass decanters normally are able to stand the temperature and chemicals they are exposed to in a dishwasher. However, either one will draw attention and attract looks from your visitors.

What should you look for in a great decanter?

There are three things of great importance you need to keep in mind when selecting a decanter. First, make sure there’s an airtight seal that doesn’t let air escape or enter. This way there will be no negative impact on the taste of the whiskey caused by oxygen. A decanter with a good seal won’t affect the whiskey much more than the original bottle itself.

Secondly, pay attention to the capacity and design. Whiskey bottles typically contain about 25 ounces (0,7-0,75 litre). Then, the decanter should also be steadily balanced and go in somewhat of a symbiosis with the design of your bar, table and glasses.

And last but not least: check if your desired whiskey decanter is Lead free.

Is lead crystal safe to use?

Crystal decanters often contain the poisonous metal. Whereas the more recently manufactured decanters most likely will be lead free. Lead may be leached from the whisky or any alcoholic or acid liquid out of the crystal decanter. According to a study from the North Carolina State University the level of lead migration is increasing with time, the longer the alcoholic liquid is exposed to lead containing crystal the higher the level of lead.

Therefore we advise to not use lead crystal decanters for long-term storage of any alcohol. It may take a long time — weeks, months or even years — but eventually, the acids in the alcohol will leach quite some lead from the crystal decanter. You’d have to drink a whole bunch of this lead-infected alcohol to have any immediate dangerous effects. So it should be “okay” to use these decanters for a few hours at a time (e.g. such as wine decanters). Still, if possible go for a lead free version of your soon beloved decanter. 

It is being argued whether or not the minimal, to inexistent effect it has on fully-grown adults is worth the globally expressed concern. However, we recommend you to check whether or not your crystal decanter is Lead free.