Water Carafes

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Water Carafes

Water Carafes, also referred to as water pitchers or water decanters, are a stylish and aesthetic way to store and display water. Out of a beautifully shaped water decanter the water will seem to taste even better. Attractive design and thought-out functionality will create a splendid experience.

Why should you use a water carafe?

In average, an adult person should drink between 2 to 3.5 litres of water a day* of which one should consume about 2/3 by drinking water. This, though, is easier said then done for most people.

Having a water decanter at home, as a bedside water carafe, your working place or whatever environment you spend a lot of time at, can make it a lot easier for you to drink. The carafe is decoratively standing nearby, being easily accessible and continuously reminding you of drinking water.

Also, some prefer drinking soft drinks or water with taste which usually comes with a lot of sugar. But with the right carafe you can add some fruits, such as lemons, raspberries, kiwi or whatever you feel like into the water carafe’s integrated core and thereby create natural refreshing fruit infused drinks. This can be a healthy alternative if you want to limit the amount of fizzy or sugary drinks you may consume on a daily basis.

Water decanters with a fruit infusion function will allow the flavours of the fruits to infuse into the water through the holes in the core of the carafe, creating all natural flavoured drinks. But there are different options for this purpose as well, as you will find out in “What should you look for in your next great water decanter?”.

*(guide values, they differ depending on various criteria, such as age, weight and exercise and many more)

Our recommended Water Carafes:

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Why should you choose a glass carafe instead of a plastic carafe?

Plastic carafes, especially the cheaper ones, are prone to scratching, staining, and odour retention when used often. Also plastic often contains BPA, which is an industrial chemical that may negatively impact neural and behavioural health.

Glass carafes on the other hand, are not as easily scratched, stained or retaining odours as plastic. Carafes made of glass tend to be more durable than most of their plastic counterparts, even though they may shatter more easily when handed roughly or dropped.

Pros of glass carafes

Glass doesn’t retain odor

It’s transparent and stain-resistant

Glass is more unlikely to be scratch

Contras of glass carafes

Glass is usually heavier than plastic

It’s more prone to break if dropped or tipped

Glass is more expensive than plastic

What should you look for in a water carafe?

Apart from the design, which can be decoratively enriching, your water carafe should fulfill all your expectations and intentions for use. Therefore you should pay attention to the dimensions such as size, height and diameter so that the water carafe can fit where you plan on storing it.

Don't forget to:

–  Look for the carafe with the right capacity fitting your needs.

– Check that the carafe meets the characteristics depending on the use you are going to give it.

– Pay attention to the quality as the carafe shouldn’t be dripping water when pouring.

Some more aspects to keep in mind:

Water decanters are available with different capacities, the capacity of the carafe should fit your needs, for instance:

When planning on using it alone or with a partner only, then all water carafes with a capacity between 0.5 to 1.3 litres can be enough for your needs already. But when using it with 3 or more people you should choose a water decanter with more capacity, from 1.5 to 2 litres, so that you don’t have to refill the water decanter every couple minutes. If the need for a bigger water decanter will be only occasionally, then generally a smaller one should be all right.

Flavouring & mineralising

If you’re planning on flavoring your water with fruits or herbs the water carafe should either have an integrated core, especially made for this use, or at least a built-in strainer to prevent the flavouring fruits or herbs from entering the glass.

If you’re planning on putting mineralising stones or alike into your water, then you need to check, that the carafe you’ll buy is made of thick and strong glass. Making sure that it won’t break too easily from the stones impacting on the glass when pouring water.


Also make sure that the different parts, such as the core, are removable and therefore easy to clean. Best would be if you can simply put the all parts of the water carafe and glass into the dishwasher after using it for flavored water. If you want to know more about methods of how to clean your  carafes and decanters take a look at “how to clean your carafes & decanters”.


Last but not least, of course the water decanter shouldn’t be dripping or leaking water while pouring. Meaning that the carafe should be of high quality. Maybe our comments to some of the reviewed water carafes can be of some help there, as they’re mostly built upon customer reviews and experiences with the particular carafe. But you can of course also check for yourself what people who already made experiences with your desired water decanter or bedside water carafe were reviewing about the product.