Menu Wine Breather Decanter

Menu Wine Breather Decanter

Menu is a Scandinavian Brand Designing Objects and Furniture since 1976. They claim that Menu is three words: “Scandinavian, Design and Originals. A never-ending search for beautiful Scandinavian design with true originality.” Menu wants to find clever solutions for a modern way of living. Therefore they design and create beautiful objects (kitchen equipment, furniture or decoration objects) for an everyday’s use. At Menu, they consider design and creativity a must in their work and for this, they collaborate with professionals from the branches of design and architecture. 

The Menu Wine Breather Decanter allows you to aerate your wine in an instant. Simply connecting the unique wine breather with your bottle of wine and pouring. You can either serve the wine in the elegant carafe, or turn around once more to let the well breathed wine run back into the original bottle. The Wine Breather will mature and soften your wine as much as several months of bottle ageing.

Glass, stainless steel, plastic and silicone

Simply press the decanter on to the top of an opened bottle of wine and flip it over so the wine pours into the decanter. You can serve the wine directly from this elegant carafe, or tip it upside again to serve from the original wine bottle.

Menu Wine Breather Decanter – Full Bottle Capacity



The Menu Wine Breather Decanter works as a normal decanter but features an integrated lid which allows you to connect the wine bottle with the decanter so it oxygenates. 

When the bottle is connected to the top of the carafe, the wine gets in contact with the walls of the decanter in a way that it’s allowed to oxygenate at its maximum. You can repeat this process conversely so that the wine is poured back into the bottle in order to double-aerate your wine and serve it from its original container. 

The shape of the Menu Wine Breather Decanter features a long neck and a wide base making it fairly easy to handle.

Also, thanks to its wideness this wine carafe provides a broad surface for the wine to breath once it is inside of the decanter. 

This product is designed to speed up the process of decanting without resting value and taste to the wine. As it doesn’t have a filter, it might be useful the use the candle method the first time the wine is poured, in order to not get the sediment inside the carafe. 

Menu Wine Breather Decanter-up-down

The Menu Wine Breather Decanter is made out of a resistant lead free glass which would not crack or break easily. However, the decanter is ought to be handled with care.

Menu Wine Breather Decanter pouring


To continue using your decanter and get the maximum potential out of it you should keep it clean and dry. As wine decanters and carafes are used to separate the sediments and residues from the actual drinkable wine, it is very common to find stains and dry sediment at the bottom.

Depending on the shape of the decanter cleaning it can result more or less difficult. With the Menu Wine Breather Decanter it will be quite easy, yet we recommend you to use the right tools. Such as brushes and cleaning beans. Read more about “how to clean your carafes and decanters” if you want to know what to do and what not to do when cleaning your decanter.

First of all, use hot water (not boiling): even when the tool is not cleaned right after its use. Pouring hot water into it and leaving overnight will help the stains and deposits to soften.

We recommend you to use restaurant crystal cleaner  as a soap. It is an ultra concentrated soap, made from natural ingredients, derived from plants and salt. Contains no solvents, no harsh chemicals and it’s completely biodegradable.

We recommend you to use the cleaner with the right brushes, this will give you the best result. They need to be flexible for those hard to reach places, easy to use and to clean. 

If the stain is too adhered to the glass you should use decanter cleaning balls. Pop them in you wine decanter with some water and restaurant crystal cleaner and swirl them around.

We recommend you to dry it using a decanter stand. They need to be very stable and have a protection at the top so the fine glass is not scratched.

Finally, once you have used the stand and it seems like there is still water or condensed water, use the Eich Glas Wine Decanter Dryer. Press the microfiber-cloth into the decanter and twist the drying wand quickly between the palm of your hands until the decanter is clean and dry.


Based on amazon customer reviews (four and a half stars) we conclude that this red wine decanter is considered a practical and beautiful looking item fulfilling all the expectancies and making a great difference on the wine. It is fairly easy to use and taking into consideration all the amazon reviews, we found that a maximum of four products were defective. While this is still a normal number of faulty products, you can anytime send the product back without any further inconvenience.  

Menu Wine Breather Decanter