Wine Decanters

Wine Decanters

Casual Wine Decanters


- Unique design helps to enhance flavour and aroma. 

- 2-phase aeration and oxygenation system when filling or serving.

- Elegant, brushed stainless steel base.

- Large spout for easy filling and smooth pouring.

- Half-bottle capacity 375ml.

- Hand-blown, lead-free crystal red wine decanter that adds radiance to any room. 

- Pouring the wine from the bottle to the decanter oxygenates the wine and releases its rich aroma and flavor.

- Perfectly engineered for a standard 750ml bottle.

- Avoid spills & drips with the specially designed slanted top.

- Handmade and mouth blown glass by skilled artisans.

- Made out of good-quality glass.

- Serve collection to make a distinctive coordinated table top and serve ware setting.

- Designed to cater for every need.

- Capacity: 1L

- Distinctive drink ware.

- Mouth blown glassware.

- Suitable for all occasions.

- Designed for easy usage and storage.

- Capacity: 1,5L

We recommend

- Specifically designed to oxygenate your wine.

- The stopper will enable you to take the carafe outside as it prevents the wind from making the wine tasteless.

- Capacity: 1,5L

- Simply connect the unique wine breather with your bottle of wine and pour.

- You can either serve the wine in the elegant carafe, or turn around once more to let the well-breathed wine run back into the original bottle.

- Capacity: 1,5L

Premium Wine Decanters


Holds bottle vertically.

- Circulates wine around the walls of the decanter for maximum aeration.

- Hand made crystalline glass.

- 10 year guarantee.

- Capacity: 1,5L

We recommend

- Real Swarovski Elements

- Crystal.

- Add a special touch of sparkle and glamour.

- Part of the Glitz collection.

- Capacity: 750ml

- When wine is poured, the no drop effect almost completely prevents the formation of drops at the rim of the glass..

- Crystal glass decanter, hand-crafted in Bavaria in Germany by Eisch Glas.

- Capacity: 1,5L

Luxury Wine Decanters


- Glassblowing artistry.

- Crystal vessel looks like a beloved water-dweller.

- Break-resistant.

- Lead-free.

- Capacity: 1,5L

We recommend

- Lead free crystal adds clarity and brilliance.

- Unique and elegant shape, easy to pour.

- Mouth-blown and hand-made, valued Customer.

- Capacity: 1,5L

- A piece of art of high quality.

- Easy to use and very functional

- Lead crystal

- Mouth blown decanter

- Capacity: 1,9L

- Dramatic mouth-blown wine decanter in the shape of an upright cobra.

- Made in Austria with 24% lead crystal.

- Included dvd reveals how to pour wine from the tail pour-spout.

- Capacity: 1,37L

- The design is art and function.

- The long neck design swirls and aerates the wine.

- Made from Lead-Crystal and free-blown by a Master Craftsman

- Capacity: 1,5L

- Robust piece of art of high quality.

- Perfect decanter for young wines as its curves, combined with a fast pour will help introduce air into the wine.

- Mouth blown and with lead.

- Capacity: 1,95L