Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator

Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator

The Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator is the world’s first electric wine aerator. Featuring sophisticated looks and perfect functionality this wine accessory is designed to serve the perfect amount of aerated wine with the simple push of a button.

It is designed to keep the sediment in the bottle and not in your glass and aerates every glass you pour perfectly.

The electronic wine aerator is inserted in the neck of your bottle of wine and accelerates aeration by 30 to 40 minutes compared to the use of a glass decanter.

To activate the aeration process you only need to touch a button on the upper part of the device. Aeration takes place at a speed of 28 ml (one fluid ounce) every two seconds.

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Electronic Wine aerator

This type of wine aerators help reducing the acidity in wines (especially young wines) and the sharp and bitter taste of spirits. Vinaera works with batteries, which will last for the aeration and pouring of about 250 bottles of wine.

Press the button for a perfect amount of aerated wine every time. When the button is activated an internal pump that draws wine up through a long straw, introduces air into the wine as it does so. It mixes the two elements of air and wine together according to the golden ratio, so by the time the drink emerges from the spout, it would be perfectly aerated and ready to drink.

Materials used for Vinaera wine aerator

The pour spout is stainless steel, and the tube inserted in the bottle is a food safe PET plastic. The cover is ABS plastic with electro-plated finish.

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To continue using your aerator and get the maximum potential out of it you should keep it clean and dry.

The Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator must be cleaned thoroughly after each use as the tubes are thin and rests of wine could dry in there. To clean it you need to attach the aerator onto a bottle filled with clean water and push the button a few times so that the inside of the device is cleaned.


Vinaera is the world’s first electronic wine aerator. Air is injected under pressure into a narrow flow of wine through the tube to maximize and focus the exposure of the wine to bubble surface. The air exposure is 6 times greater than gravity fed funnel style aerators. It is focused on just the wine that flows through the device and into your glass for the fastest aeration in the world.

The Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator is so effective because its patented electronic pneumatic process provides more air contact surface to speed oxidation than any other aerator.


Vinaera Electronic Wine Aerator