WMF Basic Water Decanter

WMF Basic Water Decanter

WMF is one of the most innovative companies when it comes to cultivated cuisine. Also known for their high standards and outstanding design. This responsibility is well reflected in the WMF “Basic” collection and its water carafe series.

The series convinces with its thought-through design as well as functionality and quality. It comes with the very handy so called “close-up” lid, which keeps the content fresh and covered. The tilt mechanism opens and closes automatically when pouring. The WMF “Basic” Decanter is available in three different sizes (0.75l, 1litre, 1.5litre).

High-quality glass carafe with silicone edge and CloseUp closure made of Cromargan® rust-free stainless steel 18/10

Yes, made of Cromargan® rust-free stainless steel 18/10.

Ice and pieces of fruit are held back by the integrated screen.

Available in two colors: Black or Blue

Available with handle: WMF Basic Water Carafe with Handle and two glasses 

Cooling system available: WMF Basic Cromargan Cooling Base

To easily add fruits to your water: WMF Spiral Fruit Basic

Also available as a set coming with 4 glasses: check price on Amazon

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Due to the close-up lid and its tilt mechanism pouring water into a glass without dripping when uprighting the carafe is no problem anymore.  The mechanism automatically opens when tilt and closes when upright. Not only it keeps the content fresh and appetising, but also is preventing anything undesirable from entering the water carafe. This comes in very handy on hot summer days as it won’t let any bees or bugs access your drink while enjoying the sun.

You also can flavour your water with fruits or herbs and add some ice cubes for cooling, as the integrated strainer holds the (e.g.) pieces of fruit in the water carafe while pouring. The rim sits tight and ensures you don’t spill a drop of water when pouring, while the large opening makes it easy to fill. Therefore rim has to be properly placed. In order to do that you’ll have to make sure that there is no water between the glass and the rim when placing it. Otherwise the rim might be slipping when pouring and cause the carafe to drip or even spill.

WMF Basic Water Carafe pouring

The WMF Basic Water Decanter comes with a pictorial instruction showing how to set it up and how to use it, step by step, in order to make sure that you’ll have the best experience. Also the carafe series fits into the drink compartment of any conventional refrigerator. But you can double-check this with our overview of the sizes & diameters (further up “sizes“).

WMF Basic Water Carafe lid


The WMF Basic Water Decanter is dishwasher-safe and its closure can be disassembled for cleaning. The other parts you should hand-wash as the chemicals can cause the metal to loose shininess and eventually cause it to look rusty. But take care when handling and placing the glass carafe into the dishwasher as it is very thin and therefore prone to breaking easily. 

Based on customer experiences we recommend you to only clean the glass container in the dishwasher (place carefully) and hand-wash all the other parts.

The carafe generally is easy to clean as you can disassemble every part. But it is difficult to reach the bottom with your hand and therefore we recommend you to use the right tools for cleaning. Read more about “how to clean your carafes and decanters”.


The WMF Basic Water Decanter makes a very stylish and well functioning complement. High-quality and beautiful design are combined with thought-through functionality and show off in this exquisit carafe. 

It is available in two colours, three different sizes and additional accessories (see “specials“). This carafe is an excellent choice for home or work and also makes a marvellous gift for friends & family.

WMF Basic Water Decanter