Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe

Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe

Like the Eva Solo Fridge Carafe, the Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe is 100% drip-free. These carafes are built to develop new functional solutions for their products.

And so they did with the Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe as it boasts a removable skewer in the lid. Therefore you can easily add all kinds of aromas to the water you serve, also for decorative effects and it is just as easy to remove the fruit and greenery from the carafe again.

As an efficient alternative to dripping jugs and carafes, they have designed the unique, patented pouring lip that keeps the drops from landing on the table. Instead, the drops run back into the carafe.

Eva Solo’s drip-free collection includes teapots, an electric kettle, the award-winning fridge carafes and Café Solo.

Quality, form and function were combined, as a result this carafe shines with great design and functionality. 

Borosilicate glass, Silicone, Stainless steel

Stainless steel and Silicone.

  • The lid ensures that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours in the fridge

The Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe features a well thought through strainer with a skewer. Ice, pieces of fruit or herbs are held back by the integrated screen. The skewer is detachable from the screen and you can use the carafe without it.

Eva Solo Fridge Carafe 1L and 1,4L with Neopren or 3D Mesh Cover with zipper: in 32 different colours.

Eva Solo 0,6L 1L, 1,4 Drip-Free Carafe.

1L Drip-Free Carafe Set with glasses.Eva solo carafes

Eva Solo 1L My Flavour Carafe to easily add fruits or herbs to your water.

Tea Maker 1L and 1,4L available with neoprene cover in 3 colours.

Cafe Solo 1L Coffee Maker available with neoprene cover.

Eva Solo 0,75L Bag-in-Box Carafe available.

Fliptop Lid for Carafes.

Cafe Solo 1L Coffee Maker with 2 Glasses and Neoprene Cover.

Eva Solo Wine Decanter & Aerator.

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The Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe features an innovative and easy way for fruit infused water. Also, it perfectly fits into all most refrigerator doors. Furthermore, it is suitable for both hot and cold drinks due to the borosilicate glass. Additionally, the patented stainless steel and silicone pouring lip ensures that the carafe is 100% drip-free – the contents end up in your glass, rather than on the tablecloth. 

Drinking water is extremely healthy, and you will drink even more when the water is served from a carafe filled with beautiful fruits, vegetables or herbs.

Thanks to the elegant design, the Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe will make for a decorative element on any table. The skewer adds great looks to the carafe and a dash of flavour to your water when used. Also, it is detachable, and you can use the carafe without its lid. However, it is a good idea to keep the lid on when the carafe is stored in the fridge so that the water does not absorb unwanted flavours.

Eva Solo My Flavour

The water carafe is made out of a strong, resistant glass. Yet, the carafe could crack or even break if not handled with care. The carafe fits into the door of a conventional refrigerator. But you can double-check this with our overview of the sizes (further up “sizes“). This is a very practical and at the same time decorative and functional item. Place it close-by in order to remind you of drinking or use it for the next dinner party. Filled with fruits, it will make for a delicious accessory.

Eva Solo My Flavour lid


With the Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe, you can put both the glass part and the lid safely in the dishwasher. However, we recommend you to hand-wash the lid as the chemicals can affect the material and cause it to loose shininess or no longer close sealed. The dishwashing process won’t affect the glass container. Although you should be equally careful as it might be difficult to balance it due to its shape. If placed safely and carefully, there should be no accidents.

As well as most glass carafes, the Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe, generally, is easy to clean as you can disassemble every part. However, it might be difficult to get rid of the stain formed at the bottom, due to the shape of the container. If you realise that the carafe is not as clean as it should, even after putting it in the dishwasher, we recommend you to use the right tools for cleaning it. Read more about “how to clean your carafes and decanters”.


The Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe is a very practical water carafe highlighting its shape and functionality. It is easy to handle and offers numerous varieties of combining water with fruits or herbs.

It suits each and every personal taste in terms of fruit infused water. Also, the fruits held by the skewer look very cool within the carafe. Another great advantage is its patented drip-free lid.

It is available in only one size but additional accessories are available (see “specials“). This is a perfect choice whether it is for your home or office and also makes a splendid gift. 


Eva Solo My Flavour Carafe