Emsa Flow Water Carafe

Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe

Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe is a product manufactured by Emsa. An innovative medium-sized German manufacturer of household goods and stands for health & quality. They also manufacture the larger version of the carafe: The Emsa Flow Water Carafe.  

The carafes are mouth blown and hand cut. Also, these innovative cooling carafes equipped with a cooling base ensure that cold beverages are kept chilled for up to 4 hours.

Both carafe styles containing up to 1L, are beautifully shaped and ideal for serving & cooling beverages. They are of high quality and the Emsa Flow can also be used as a decanter for wine. 


Glass and stainless steel

Stainless steel

Ice and pieces of fruit are held back by the integrated screen.

Flow Slim 1L (11 x 11 x 38.2cm)

Flow 1L (12.7 x 12.7 x 27.9cm)

Emsa Flow Classic 1L (11 x 11 x 38.2cm)

Emsa Flow Slim Friends 1L available in 7 colours: Lemon, Ocean, Peach, Red, Jungle, White, Pink City.

Emsa Flow Friends 1L available in 7 colours: green, yellow, red, black, white, purple

Cooling pad- Fridge Flow Accumulator

Ice Bucket – Emsa Flow

Bottle Cooler – Silver

Emsa Flow Bottle Cooler – 


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The Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe has a practical design consisting of a spout fitted with an automatic closing flap. Thought to ensure that the flow of water coming out of the carafe is ideal, as well as to prevent any fruits or herbs to fall into the glass when serving. The integrated cooling elements and stainless steel réchaud are one of the highlights of the carafe series.  

Furthermore, the handy cooling base is to be placed in the freezer before use so that the drink cools down.

It is really convenient having a Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe out in the garden in a hot summer day.

In addition, the automatic closing flap makes serving water comfortable and easy, without dripping or spilling water on any surface.

Its attractive look makes a unique inclusion to your home or garden while fitting and complementing any decorative style.

The fact that the carafe is sitting on a cooling base, has more that the obvious advantages. Additionally, the base provides the water carafe with great stability while collecting water droplets formed due to evaporation, resulting in a better grip. 

Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe pouring

The glass part of the carafe is made of a delicate glass, which is ought to be treated with care. However, as long as the carafe is treated with care, the glass won’t break or crack easily. Yet the carafe comes with a 2-year guarantee. 

The Emsa Flow Slim version will most likely fit into any refrigerator’s door. However, the bigger version, Emsa Flow, might not fit into the smaller fridges’ doors. Although this one could maybe fit in any other compartment of the fridge, especially if it’s a tall one. But you can double-check this with our overview of the sizes (further up “sizes“). 

If you think mineral water is too boring or sometimes you just feel like drinking something with a different flavour, you can spice it up with just a little effort and turn it into a tasty refreshment. This not only provides added variety in terms of taste, – served in a beautiful carafe it also turns a nicely set table into a true eyecatcher.


Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe disassembled

The glass part and the lid of the carafe can both be placed into the dishwasher. Although we recommend hand-washing as it might very likely extend the life of the product. The cooling system and the accumulator are easily separated and require hand washing.  In case you’d rather put the glass part in the dishwasher, you should take into consideration that it might be difficult to balance and thus break. For that, pay extra attention when handling and placing it into the machine.

Based on Amazon Customer Experiences we strongly recommend you to hand-wash the water carafe and all its parts. The glass is considered very fragile and, we would also say that is better to hand wash the stainless steel parts. 

As well as most glass carafes, Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe, generally, is easy to clean as you can disassemble every part. However, it might be difficult to get rid of the stain formed at the bottom, due to the shape of the container. If you realise that the carafe is not as clean as it should, even after putting it into the dishwasher, we recommend you to use the right tools for cleaning it. Read more about “how to clean your carafes and decanters”.


A precious carafe is one of the most beautiful ways to serve a drink on hot summer days or for a drink in between. With Emsa Flow Slim or Emsa Flow, you will be able to enjoy cold beverages up to 4 hours.

Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe has a slim and elegant design. Yet practical and versatile in its purpose. 

It is available in seven colours, and additional accessories (see “specials“).

Emsa Flow Slim Water Carafe