Blomus Acqua Fruit Infuser

Blomus Acqua Fruit Infuser

Blomus products are cool and likeable, practical and elegant, timeless and distinctive. These products do not age. While they demonstrate a self-assured presence, they always remain unobtrusive, enriching our everyday lives and providing beautiful highlights to some of our more exclusive moments.

Blomus Aqua Fruit Infuser features a striking elegance and functionality. Its highlight is the included cartridge which you can fill with any fruits, raw vegetables or herbs you like. Also, you can introduce the cartridge into the freezer to make your infused water even better. The stainless steel lid is easily removable while the silicone gasket assures a firm fit. It has a solid, double-walled base which gives it the needed stability and adds value. The large opening of the carafe allows easy filling and cleaning. Its lid is designed to hold back any of these additions while pouring so only the water. The carafe is available in one size (1.2L).

Stainless steel matt, Glass clear, Silicone.

Stainless steel matt and Silicone

Includes a cartridge to introduce fruits, herbs or raw veggies. It can go into the freezer to cool down your water while giving it the desired taste.

One Size available 1,2L (34 x 10 x 10cm)

Set of two cooling sticks.

Iced Tea Maker available.

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The Blomus Acqua Fruit Infuser is a stylish water carafe with a fruit infuser that can be placed in the freezer and makes your water tasty and chill. A part from its functionality, it’s aesthetically surprising as when filled all the fruits and herbs are concentrated within the stick rather than floating in the carafe. Also, it has an easy grip due to its cubic shape. Unlike other water carafes, its not wider at the bottom than at the rest of the body, which makes it ideal if you want to save space. The lid has a spout and a stopper so you won’t need to open it before pouring water into your glass and the opening of the carafe will be covered, in exception of the spout.

Furthermore, you won’t need to worry about dripping any water out of the glass, because the mechanism of the lid is very thought-through and makes it safe with the presence of the mentioned spout and stopper. The water flows easily and nicely without causing any mess and it stops when the carafe is back to upright position.

This characteristic of the carafe keeps the content fresh and appetising, and at the same time prevent any undesired things from entering the water carafe.

blomus acqua fruit infuser stick

Without being the strongest of the water carafes, when handled with care, shouldn’t break or crack easily. The carafe fits into the door of a conventional refrigerator. But you can double-check this with our overview of the sizes (further up “sizes“).

Blomus Acqua Fruit Infuser


This carafe is dishwasher safe. However, we recommend you to hand-wash the lid as it would probably extend the product’s life. Regarding the glass part of the carafe, including the cartridge, there is no problem if you want to put it in the dishwasher. Although it might be difficult to balance it due to its shape. If placed safely and carefully, there should be no drawback about the glass part. 

Taking all the Amazon customer experiences into consideration, we recommend you to hand-wash the Fruit Infuser. As it’s made of thin glass and it is probably safer to wash by hand.

As well as most glass carafes, Blomus Acqua Fruit Infuser, generally, is easy to clean as you can disassemble every part. However, it might be difficult to get rid of the stain formed at the bottom, or inside of the cartridge. If you realise that the carafe is not as clean as it should, even after putting it into the dishwasher, we recommend you to use the right tools for cleaning it. Read more about “how to clean your carafes and decanters”.


The Blomus Acqua Water Carafe is a stylish and practical way to serve water with taste. It includes a useful and sophisticated cartridge that will make your water tasty and cool in a few minutes. High-quality and beautiful design are combined in this glass carafe.

It is available in one size and additional accessories (see “specials“). This carafe is an excellent choice for home or work and also makes a marvellous gift for friends & family.

Blomus Acqua Fruit Infuser