Water Carafes

Best Water Carafes

This Water Carafe is tall, slim and sophisticated with a solid grip due to its shape. The lid comes with a mechanism that automatically opens when you pour, ensuring ice cubes, slices of lemon and mint leaves don’t escape. It can hold 1.3 litres of water.

This Water Carafe, is stylish and practical possibility for serving water at the table. Its cylindrical shape makes it easy to handle. Water can be served into a glass without taking the lid off. It combines great product design and function. It can hold 1,5L or 1L.

This Water Carafe it’s made of
superior borosilicate glass. Its special shape makes serving very easy.
A flexible lid opens automatically when pouring. The Silica gel filter enables the flow even and stable. It can hold up to 1,5L of water.

This Water Carafe has a practical shape and therefore a solid grip. It comes with a close up lid automatically  opening when pouring that keeps the contents fresh and appetising when closed. It is easy to fill due to the large opening. It can hold up to 1L of water.

We recommend

This Water Carafe features the shape of a regular milk bottle and thus perfectly fits into any refrigerator door.
The neoprene suit keeps the bottle’s content cool. It has a no-drip system and a flip-top lid that automatically opens when pouring. It can hold 1L.

This Water Carafe features integrated cooling elements and stainless steel rechaud. Cool beverages for up to 4 hours. The cooling carafe spout is fitted with an automatic closing flap. It’s dishwasher safe. Available in stainless steel colour. It can hold up to 1L.

Best Fruit Infusers

Stylish carafe with ultra clear and two tier dual borosilicate glass wall thermal that maintains your drink hot or cold for longer. It comes with a removable stainless steel fine mesh infuser to allow for a variety of infusions. It can hold up to 450ml.

This elegant water carafe is made of high quality glass, completely safe for cold or hot temperatures. Its removable lid is made of extra durable stainless steel, ensuring that it will never rust or lose its shine. It is a very versatile carafe containing up to 1,3L.

This water carafe features a Stainless Steel lid which is designed to keep any fruits inside the carafe when you pour out the water or juice. It also has a cooling cartridge which goes in the freezer to become an ice stick and chill your water. It holds up to 1,5L.