Chemex Coffee Makers

Chemex Coffee Makers

Three Series of Chemex Coffee Makers:

With any of the  Chemex Coffee Makers you will have the best brewed coffee you can imagine. The shape of the carafe is designed to get the perfect result, together with the filters from the brand. The last one is scientifically designed to prevent bitterness and to avoid any sediment to drip into the coffee, the beverage comes out clear, pure and flavorful. You can also decide how strong you want it just by adding more or less water and coffee; all without a bitter or too watery result. The Chemex coffee maker collection is also perfect for iced coffee and coffee flavoring for gourmet recipes.

Includes three series all of them designed with the same goal and giving the same extraordinary result:


Non-porous Borosilicate glass, polished wood, leather.

3 cup Classic Series

6 cup Classic Series

8 cup Classic Series

10 cup Classic Series

3 cup Glass Handle Series

6 cup Glass Handle Series

8 cup Glass Handle Series

10 cup Glass Handle Series

Hand Blown Glass Water Kettle

Chemex Stainless Steel Wire Grid

Glass Cream and Sugar Set

Handmade Glass Coffee Mug 10oz

Borosilicate Glass Lid available.

Replacement Rawhide Loop with Bead for Wood Collar

Chemex pack of 100 Filters for 3 cup Coffee Makers

Pack of 100 Chemex Filters for 6, 8 and 10 cup Coffee Makers

Chemex Prefolded Square Filters

The Classic Series is all about the combination of functionality and elegance to get the optimum extraction of full rich-bodied coffee. This series highlights the wooden collar hold by a leather tie. It’s most likely the most famous of the series as it transmits perfectly the essence of Chemex. It is available in three, six, eight, and ten cup versions.

The Glass Handle Series features the same beautiful hourglass carafe that distinguishes Chemex Coffee maker although this time, it’s combined with a strong glass handle. In this case, comfort stands before sophistication without loosing design and exclusivity. It is also available in three, six, eight, and ten cup versions.

The Handblown Series is produced by hand. It is so special because of the clarity of the blown glass and fine workmanship which earned it a home in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art, the Smithsonian, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art. The handblown coffeemakers are available in three, five, eight, and thirteen cup versions.