Your Carafes and Decanters


How to clean and dry your carafe or decanter?

A clean and dry carafe and decanter is a must if you want to continue enjoying your drinks. In case of the wine decanters, as they are used to filter or separate the wine from its sediment, there’s usually plenty of it at the bottom of the tool. However, you will be able to clean it with the right tools. Furthermore, here are a few recommendations to help you clean your carafe or your decanter, as well as things you should not do:

–  First of all, use hot water (not boiling): even when the tool is not cleaned right after its use. Pouring hot water into it and leaving overnight will help the stains and deposits to soften.

 Using restaurant crystal cleaner  as a soap.

 Using the cleaner with the right brushes will give you the best result.

 If the stain is too adhered to the glass you should use decanter cleaning balls.

 Dry it using a decanter stand.

  Finally, once you have used the stand and it seems like there is still water or condensed water, use the Eich Glas Wine Decanter Dryer.

 Do not forget to put water inside if you are not going to clean it until the next day.

 Do not use methyl alcohol.

 Don’t use normal dishwashing detergent.

 Don’t use a usual sponge to clean your carafe or decanter since it could scratch its very sensitive glass.

How and when to polish your decanter?

If your carafe or your decanter looks matte and you think that the glass starts loosing its beautiful shiny texture, you could polish it. To do that, the carafe or decanter has to be in direct contact with hot water (so under the water), and you should allow the steam to build around the piece. This way, it softens any existent residues it may have. Finally the next step would be to polish it with a micro-fibre cloth until the all steam and any rests of water are removed.