ct-water carafe

Water Carafes

Water Carafes, are a stylish and aesthetical way to store and display water. An attractive design and thought-out functionality will create a splendid experience.

ct-Chemex The Hand-blown Series

Chemex Coffee Maker

The Chemex coffee maker is a sophisticated and elegant, hourglass shaped vessel made of high quality, heat resistant glass.

ct-red wine decanter

Wine Decanters

Decanting greatly improves the taste of wine letting fruit and floral aromas come out. If you enjoy red wine or drink more affordable wine on a regular basis, then using a decanter is a great idea.


Wine Aerators

One notices a remarkable difference after aerating a wine, as it “opens up” and releases its bests flavors and aromas or soften the flavor making it desirable to drink.


Whiskey Decanters

Displaying your whiskey in a decanter enables one not only to appreciate it better but also emphasizes the context of the celebration, as well as the value of the friendship.